Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Among the questions that haunt our minds are “What happens after I die?  Where will I go?  Am I able to see my loved ones again?”  I recall the day before my father passed away, he was lying in bed and knew what was about to happen. He just looked at me and said “I guess I’m about to find out what’s next!” 

Abraham-Hicks tells us that when we pass on, it is similar to passing through a doorway from the earth plane to another dimension – from matter to energy.  Einstein tells us energy and matter are interchangeable.  Perhaps death is merely changing from our earthly matter into an energy form.  With that in mind…

Every July Ramona and I invite our good friend Eddie Conner into our home to conduct seminars and provide intuitive readings for our friends and members of our Law of Attraction group.  The 2015 seminars started with one entitled “I See and Hear Dead People and You Can Too”.  I admit I was skeptical, but in our fifteen years of hosting Eddie, he has never led us astray, and I’ve learned to go into new experiences with an open mind.

During his presentation Eddie pointed out that we may be experiencing visits from our dearly departed already, but we are not in a frame of mind to recognize them.  We just need to open our hearts and minds and use our non-physical senses such as our third eye to visualize the spirits with whom we desire to make contact.  At the end of the session he provided one of his inspiring meditations designed to allow us to recognize the visits we receive from loved ones who have passed. The meditation included an exercise of seeing a door, opening it, entering a large room, and visualizing the people with whom we want to communicate.  I had selected my mother, my father, and my best friend John. I felt my father had already contacted me by waking me up several nights at exactly 4:19 AM.  The house number of his home was 419, and his initials are “A.M.”  I was dismayed, however, that I hadn’t felt any contact from my mother or from my best friend, John.

As instructed, I placed myself into a meditative state and proceeded through the doorway. I saw some figures ahead of me, as if they were at the end of a grand ballroom.  I honed my senses to determine who they were.  I saw my mother, my best friend, and my father - in that order. I was confused because my mother and father were not standing together even though they were married for sixty-eight years and very much a couple. The figures did not talk, but in a stream of consciousness, they made known to me that they were standing in the order in which they passed away.  This was not something I included in my desired visitation, but their order was entirely accurate with my mother being the most recent to pass.

I asked my mother why she wasn’t communicating with me.  I had feared she was angry with me because I had paced her in an assisted living facility for the final three months of her life.  Her consciousness said that was not the case – she now understood her dementia and failing health forced the situation.  Then her consciousness made me realize she has been visiting me.  She was known as being a good cook and always making sure everyone had enough food – usually too much to eat.  Whenever I see or hear about Italian food, that is my mother’s presence letting me know she is with me.

My best friend John and I met in the fifth grade when his family came to this country from Scotland. We were friends from the day we met until his death.  During our time together we seemed to know what the other was thinking or even going to say next.  We were connected at a higher level.  But I hadn’t felt any contact from him since his departure from the earth plane.  His consciousness told me he is in fact hanging around me and I can recognize him whenever I hear about Scotland or see something Scottish such as bagpipes, kilts or any Tartan design.

Next I looked at my father who merely said “I’ve already sent you messages that I am alright. They’re the numbers you see!”  I knew what he meant.  He was always a man of few words and it looks like that didn’t change with his death.

That’s when I noticed a fourth figure, a much smaller amorphous shape next to my father.  I was surprised. I had asked for three people and here was a fourth.  Who was this?  His consciousness said he was the one who has watched out for me all my life, the “little boy” on my shoulder guiding me and keeping me out of trouble.  It was the baby my mother miscarried before I was born – my big brother.

Before I could thank him, I noticed a sea of hundreds of faceless “stick-figure” heads behind the four people. “What is this?” I received an immediate message form their consciousness. As a hobby I research the genealogy of our family and have identified several hundred relatives and ancestors, most of whom I have never met or seen, not even photos.  The message was that they are the ancestors upon whom I have been doing research, and they thanked me for the effort to identify them and preserve their memories.

That night I went to sleep and had a vivid dream.  My mother was placing Italian food on the dining room table – antipasto, macaroni, cannoli and more.  My friend John was there wearing his tartan kilt.  My father was also there, though he didn’t say or do anything which was very much his personality. I don’t recall seeing the child.

Was this communication with our dearly departed?  Or was it my imagination working overtime and transferring images to my dreams?  It is impossible to know, but I do know this. I did not share any of this with anyone. Yet the very next morning our house guests were chatting and one mentioned how she has an employee who is Scottish and an excellent cook.  Her specialty is lasagna.  Coincidence?  Personally, I don’t believe in coincidences.

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