Saturday, October 15, 2016

Flip the Switch

Very early one Monday morning during my freshman year in college, I was working feverishly to complete a term paper due at 9 that morning. The professor had assigned the paper six weeks earlier. Being a smart guy I had prepared an outline of what I wanted to present and picked up a couple of resource books on the subject from the library. Being not so smart, I saved the research, composition and typing until the weekend before the deadline. Of course it took longer to read the books and complete the paper than I had allowed, resulting in my typing the term paper at 3 AM. When I finished, I read the paper and knew before handing it in that the grade would not be good. I started wondering why I had postponed the assignment until the weekend before it was due. There just wasn’t a good reason.

I don’t recall the topic of the assignment, but I do remember the lesson. In the wee hours that Monday morning I vowed to never again wait until the deadline to complete a project. It was like flipping a switch. I went from procrastinator to doer. I became obsessive about completing assignments immediately. This trait has stuck with me and I have not missed a deadline since. Like a Boy Scout, I am always prepared.

This flip the switch technique has been applied to other areas of my life. When I get up on the wrong side of the bed, so to speak, I take a couple of minutes to determine the cause for my mood. Once identified, I think about something I love and appreciate, and how blessed my life has become by simply applying the laws of attraction. These happy thoughts allow me to flip the switch and release the issue to the Universe thus freeing my mind. They also bring a smile to my face. It’s really difficult to be in a bad mood and smile at the same time.

When I encounter someone who talks down to me, I have an interesting way to let them know their insecurities are showing. I flip their switch. For example, when someone says “I can’t believe you don’t know that” I jokingly respond “That must be one of the seven things I don’t know. Now there are only six.” There’s really not much they can say in response. Usually they get it, realize what they have done, and smile. If not, I remind myself not to downgrade my vibration to theirs.

When another driver cuts me off, my initial reaction borders on road rage.  I catch myself, flip the switch, and let it go. Maybe that driver has an important reason to get to his destination…one car sooner anyway.

One common theme is that I always end up smiling. And it’s hard to be sad, depressed or feel bad when you smile. By always thinking good, happy thoughts, we can keep our vibration high. When negative things happen to positive people, it’s best to flip the switch and regain the vibration that keeps the Laws of Attraction working for us.  And don’t forget to smile. 

Originally published in Meta Arts Magazine, July, 2011.

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