Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Power of Positive Believing

While in a store I overheard a lady ask a clerk “You don’t have any sun screen, do you?” The clerk answered “No, sorry.” I thought it odd that this mass merchandise store would not carry sun screen, so I decided to try an experiment. Choosing a different clerk, I asked with a smile “Where might I find the sun screen?” The clerk directed me to the correct aisle and even told me which shelf it was on.

My left brain started thinking.  When asking a question in the negative (You don’t have any, do you?) we are setting ourselves up for a negative response. The person being addressed senses this and gives us what we have asked for – a negative response. With an open, positive question, delivered with a smile, we have a better chance of receiving a positive answer.

Imagine someone approaching their boss with “You don’t want to give me a raise, do you?” Point made.

A positive mindset is a critical element in attracting what we want in our lives. For the laws of attraction to work we must go beyond the power of positive thinking – we must practice the power of Positive Believing. First we must think about what we want, picture ourselves having it, enjoying it, appreciating it, sharing it and loving it. Did the customer really want a bottle of sunscreen? Or did she really want something more? What if she had pictured herself on the beach, basking in the island sun, coconut trees swaying in the breeze, enjoying a drink with an umbrella in it, getting a great tan, and thankful she had stopped in the store to purchase the sunscreen?

My wife and I were planning to go to a new restaurant for dinner that night. We decided to take Positive Believing one step further. Before we left home we imagined ourselves driving into the parking lot at the restaurant and getting rock star parking. As we walk in, the hostess hands my wife a rose and seats us at a window table overlooking the water below. Our waitress arrives with a smile which we return, greets us, and provides the best service. All offerings on the menu sound so good we have tough choices. Then I notice one of my favorite meals on the menu. The salad arrives. It’s crisp and tasty with a special house-made dressing. The entree is hot and sumptuous. The dessert is sugar and calorie free and tastes wonderful. We are content, feel terrific, and are smiling from ear to ear. And we haven’t even left home for the restaurant yet!

Notice that we are living the experience in the present as if it were happening right now. This exercise put us in a proper mindset to attract what we want. The evening did not go exactly as planned – it was even better.  When we drove into the lot, a valet opened my wife’s door, welcomed us and parked the car. We had a wonderful evening with great food and superior service at a window table – exactly what we had manifested. This is the power of Positive Believing. I guarantee this will create a better experience than the person who sets himself up for failure by asking the hostess “You don’t have a window table, do you?”

Originally Published in Meta Arts Magazine, February, 2011

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