Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Be a Winner

My first experience with the Law of Attraction came before I had even heard of it, much less understood it.  The year was 1957 and I was in high school.  A local independent store, Bill’s Ranch Market, hosted a raffle to win a new car – a 1957 Mercury Marquis.  Every time a customer made a purchase at the market they received a raffle ticket to place in the giant bin.  It was a beautiful car, and judging from the traffic it produced, it appeared to be a successful promotion.

The day of the raffle, my father and I went to the store parking lot along with Dominick, a family friend, and joined the many other customers.  Dominick was a personable guy and engaged in banter with anyone who would allow it.  He told everyone he came in contact with that they might as well go home because he was going to win the car. His exuberance was entertaining, almost to the point of being overwhelming.  Of course, nobody agreed with him, and many just courteously ignored him, saying nothing.

He told several people that tomorrow he was going for a drive in his brand new Mercury Marquis along Pacific Coast Highway to celebrate his win.  That was his dream and he held on to it and repeated it whenever he could.  One man in particular, however, stands out in my mind.  When Dominick told him he should go home because he wasn’t going to win the car, the man said “you’re probably right.  I never win anything anyway.” I wondered why he even showed up for the drawing with that kind of losing attitude.

After some hoopla, it was time for the drawing.  The bin was twirled and the thousands of raffle tickets mixed.  A ticket was drawn and the store manager read the name.  It was our friend Dominick.  He said “I never had any doubt.  I just knew I would win – and I did!  Tomorrow, it’s off to Pacific Coast Highway for that long ride along the ocean.”

Dominick knew the key to making the Law of Attraction work for you.  Whatever it is you want, you need to imagine it, place it in the forefront of your mind, act as if you have it already, enjoy it, play with it, and live it.  Make your connection to it so strong that it becomes difficult, even impossible to determine if it’s already in your possession or still in your mind.  Every day we have choices.  We can be happy or sad; we can be positive or negative; we can choose to be winners.  That’s what Dominick did – he was happy, positive and a winner.

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