Saturday, October 1, 2011

Manifesting on Demand

Ramona and I were having a difficult day. We were faced with placing my mother in an assisted living facility.  Our grandson borrowed our car and had a fender bender. And in the process of backing up Ramona’s cell phone there was a power surge and some of the information was lost.

We called the iPhone support line to see if we could retrieve her lost information. Using our home speaker phone we were connected with Mark, who turned out to be a great and knowledgeable customer service agent. For Mark to fix the problem, he needed remote access to Ramona’s computer, so I downloaded the recommended software.

 Looking over Ramona’s computer from his remote location in Oregon, he noticed several down-loads of Abraham-Hicks Publications. Mark said, “I have been practicing the Law of Attraction for years and love the teachings of Esther and Jerry Hicks.”

We shared the stress of our day with Mark and chatted for a couple of minutes about how the Law of Attraction put us together with him.  He said he was at the end of his shift, but assured us he would fix the problem before leaving work. His calm demeanor and obvious knowledge of the iPhone was exactly what we needed at the moment.

Then Mark shared a story with us.

Shortly after he relocated to Oregon he became frustrated, probably due to loneliness. He thought about the friends he missed, especially Karen, a lady he liked but with whom he had lost contact. Mark had been searching for her a long time without result.

One day he didn’t ask the Universe to locate her, he DEMANDED it. He literally said “Universe, I am lonely and miss my friends.  I especially want to reconnect with Karen and bring her back in my life. I have been manifesting her for thirty years.  Now I DEMAND you find her for me!”

I have to admit my first reaction to Mark’s demand of the Universe was shock. Is it proper to demand anything from the Universe?

Ramona explained that Mark’s intention was pure.  He no longer had any resistance to the concept. He was releasing his intention and leaving it up to the Universe to make it happen. The strength, purity and energy of his intention could not be ignored by the Universe. 
“How did that work out for you?” Ramona asked.

“The very next morning, while checking my Facebook account, I found a friend request from Karen.  It turned out she had been looking for me, too.”

Ramona was right. The universe only hears the genuine intent, and does not distinguish between asking and demanding.
“So are you Facebook friends now?”

Mark laughed. “She’s at home in the kitchen preparing dinner as we speak. This morning before I left for work, I left a note in her coffee cup telling her how much I love her. At lunch I received a text from her with a similar message. We have never been happier!”

The power of the Universe!  Manifesting.  Asking.  Demanding.  This challenging day had led us to Mark and his story.  And a story like this was just what we needed to get back into the vortex. Our day was instantly better.

Never underestimate what the Universe can do!

 Originally published in Meta Arts Magazine, October, 2011.

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