Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's in a Name?

My wife, Ramona, and I are naturally happy. We like to surround ourselves with people who have similar high-frequency vibrations which, in turn, feed ours. By putting on a happy face and asking the people we meet a few questions about themselves, we attract other high-frequency people. After all, the basis for the Law of Attraction is like attracts like.

When we encounter wait staff, customer service representatives and clerks in our day-to-day activities, we are friendly and find out a little about them. By asking their names and a couple of questions, we expose a little of who we are and, more importantly, show our interest in them. Several wait staff have told us that we are the first to ever do so. That’s a shame. When we ask their names, it tells them we care. By showing we care, they naturally take better care of our needs. That’s not the reason we do it. We just like to be friendly. Many times our friendliness gets us more than we ask for.

The inspiration for this article came as we were flying on Delta Airlines to make a presentation on the Law of Attraction. We usually get upgraded to first class, but that cabin was full. Instead, we sat in our favorite coach seats, the exit row across from the flight attendant’s jump seat at the main boarding door. There are only two coach seats in that row and it has more leg room than any first class seat.

During takeoff we spoke with Greg, the flight attendant in the jump seat. We asked his name, how he was doing and where he was from – just general information about him. As the flight continued we discussed mutual destinations and what we liked about each. During one exchange he asked if we drank red or white wine. We said we drank red, but not while flying. Later he brought us a bottle of red wine in a bag.  “I don’t usually do this” he said. “Most people don’t talk to me other than to ask for something. You folks are so nice, got to know me and asked for nothing. Please accept this bottle of wine as a thank you for being great customers of Delta Airlines.”

Because Greg lives in another part of the country, we probably will not see him again unless we are on one of his flights. We wish we lived closer because we both genuinely like Greg and could envision a friendship developing. And it started by asking his name.

Sometimes these encounters can develop into something more. One of our favorite restaurants is Granville located in Burbank, California. Among the many fine wait staff is one with whom we really clicked. Charles is a single father who loves his daughter Naima more than anything. Charles’ face beams with excitement at the mention of her name. We share photos of our family in exchange for pictures and stories of Naima. Because Charles wants to share his family, he invited us to attend her dance recital as if she were our granddaughter. It was a great experience. This chance encounter with a waiter turned into a true friendship. And it all started by asking his name.

Whether it develops into a long-term friendship or remains a chance encounter, the result is the same. By maintaining a positive vibration, we have attracted like-minded people who realize the purpose of life is to be happy. And the best way to be happy is to surround ourselves with other people, places and things that make us happy. This could include anyone we meet during the day.  And it all starts by asking their name.

Originally published in Meta Arts Magazine, June, 2011.

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