Monday, August 1, 2016

When All Else Fails, Leave It To The Universe

Lynn is a member of our Michigan Law of Attraction Meet-up Group and one of the fastest learners we have had the pleasure to know. She was a teacher over her 17 years taught about a thousand very fortunate students.  Her students and their parents all loved her. Lynn would never admit this, but during her career she became a master at teaching, learning from her students and the world around her. Having command of the teaching profession, she yearned to follow her inner guidance system to do something new and exciting.

As a sideline, Lynn had a passion for buying old houses, fixing them up and selling them.  She wished she could spend more time on the houses and less time teaching.  That would mean retiring from the profession.

In Michigan, the only way for a teacher to retire and receive a full pension is to have 30 years of service and be 55 years of age.  Lynn did not meet either requirement.  She spent hours poring over the regulations looking for a way to retire early with full benefits. There just was no way – at least nothing was apparent to her. 

Lynn believes in the power of manifesting. She knows if we think about something, it is in our minds; therefore we are directing ourselves to its attainment. Lynn did not let the law discourage her desires. Instead, she concentrated on her new passion.

Lynn carefully set her intention to leave the teaching profession with a full pension, locate older homes, fix them up and sell them, all while having fun. She pictured herself doing just that and enjoying the freedom and excitement of learning something new. She played around in her mind with ideas on where and how to locate the homes and new ways to repair and decorate them. Then, in a gesture of release, she threw up her arms and said “Universe, I am leaving this up to you.  I have not found a way, but I know you will provide.  Please allow me to retire early with full benefits so I may pursue my dream.”

A few days later, Lynn was having coffee with fellow teachers. One of them mentioned a temporary “early out” incentive from the State that had to be acted upon within a four-week window. Lynn checked. The window was open, but about to expire. And she qualified!  Lynn was ecstatic and thinks of the experience as a temporary window of opportunity the Universe opened and brought to her attention. She is now retired, spending time on her passion, appreciating every moment, and thanking the Law of Attraction for allowing her new dream to happen.

The Universe has tremendous power to help us attain our desires, especially when we keep our vibration in alignment with those desires.  Even though she faced what appeared to be an impossible situation, Lynn believed in the power of the Universe to bring her what she was deliberately creating.  By practicing the principles of the Law of Attraction, she set her intention, visualized herself retired and living her dream, and then left the solution in the hands of the Universe, allowing it to determine the how and when.  Her intention was so pure, and her belief so strong, it took only a few days to complete her manifestation.  With proper intention and strong belief, the Universe will do the same for anyone.

Immediately after publication, Lynn wrote the following email to me. I think it shows how well the laws of attraction can work if appropriately applied. And remember, Lynn is in Michigan where the housing market was hit the hardest.  And luckily her realtor is a member of our same LOA group.
Hi Mike,
What a pleasure it was to read this article.  It's all so true.. if we can imagine something, and then live with the hope, belief, and expectation that the universe will deliver, it will happen.  I bought a house in November that is almost done and my realtor already has a buyer for it.  Last week I bought another house.  It is great having a realtor who understands manifesting. I really believe our understanding of manifesting gives us an edge on the housing market. I cannot imagine working with a realtor who lacks this knowledge.
Without the influence of Abraham and the meet-up group, I suspect I would still be teaching school and missing all the fun I am having flipping houses. I absolutely love working for myself and creating comfortable homes for people. As I do this work, I have a huge sense of being in alignment. So once again, let me express my appreciation for you and Ramona hosting the meet-up group. What I learned was life changing. 

Originally Published in Meta Arts Magazine – January, 2011

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