Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Energize - And You Will Realize

In 2001 Ramona and I joined Eddie Conner’s tour to Machu Picchu. It was a spiritual tour and all the members of the group were like minded. Interspersed with the sightseeing, Eddie conducted classes on the art of manifesting. Our guide, Abelardo, a descendant of the Incas, provided the history of the Incan people and how they appreciated and used energy to their benefit. He captivated us with stories and experiences previous visitors had about their manifestations coming true.

One of our tour members, Curtis, was struggling with his job. Curtis worked as a maintenance technician specializing in nuclear energy. When something went wrong at a nuclear power plant, he travelled to the location and fixed the problem. Some assignments required spending weeks away from home. He was concerned about the unknown effects of nuclear energy on the environment and on himself. He also wanted to spend less time away from home so he could plant a garden and enjoy the comfort of sleeping in the same bed every night.

Curtis had no idea what else he could do for a living. He was trained as a maintenance technician and was earning a lot of money due to the inherent danger of his job. Working with nuclear energy no longer felt right to him. Plus the last minute emergency travel requirements and extended stays away from home left him no time to plant and maintain a garden. It seemed like an impossible situation.

While in Peru, Curtis enjoyed practicing the lessons Eddie and Abelardo taught. He described the house and garden of his dreams to our group with such detail and enthusiasm that we could all picture his dream home. His descriptions were energized by stating them in the present as if he were already living there. His vision was so crystal clear, we felt as though we were walking in his garden with him.

A couple of years later, Curtis saw a “Business for Sale” sign on a coin shop near his house and inquired. The owner was forced to sell for health reasons. Curtis liked coin collecting and had enjoyed the hobby since childhood, becoming quite adept at it. And the price was something he could afford. Since the key to enjoying work is to find something we like to do and figure out a way to make money doing it, he bought the business. He is now doing something he likes, his business has blossomed and he is earning more than he did in the nuclear field. It was by far the best career decision of his life. Having his own business in one location allowed Curtis to find the house of his dreams. He planted his garden, and enjoys spending every night in the dream home he energized in Peru, and then realized back home.

When manifesting, Curtis did not merely describe his goals of being happy in his job and having his dream home.  He energized his goals by describing them as if he already achieved them. Then he let the Universe do the work. Remember, when we ask the Universe for something, the Universe will provide. The key is to manifest with a pure heart, and believe and act as if we already have it. When done properly, this will energize our manifestations and the Universe will provide us with what we want. It worked for Curtis. It can work for all of us.

Originally Published in Meta Arts Magazine – December, 2010

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